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This club is free and opened to all Cansis's Players
The Thousand Club, is a free club for all Canasis's Players, we will hold tournaments in 1000 League Room.
Everyone is welcomed, to come meet players, to play with or against one another. It is a way to get to know one another, to enjoy each others company.
I started The Thousand Club on April 30, 2001, we started with 12 players, we had 24 players in a tourney on May 8, 2001.
May 22, 2001 we had our first Double Elmination Tourney, 24 players took part. Kaybaby and Pj were the winners of the tournament. Congrats to you both!! Great Job :)
I created The Thousand Club, I need someone to take it over, now that I am a Supervisor at Canasis, I can't run the club. I will help whoever wants to take it over. Please let me know if you are interrested in taking over the Club, email me at jelly06331@yahoo.com Have a great day :)

At this time I would like to thank some
very special people, Scarlet, a very nice lady, who has helped me with the artwork and is always getting me out of trouble there. She does beautiful work.
I would like to thank 3 very special ladies, these 3 ladies are td's (tourney directors) and without there help I surly would go crazy :) thank you, Jam, Jorgy and Lil_Brat so very much.
A very special thank you for all the players who support the club. Without you, we would not have a club, this is your club, a free, and fun place to meet and play.
I would like t welcome LadyAlexi to my Staff and thank you for joining us.

At this time I am a Supervisor at the Canasis, and have no time to run the club, hoping some day someone will take it over.
New Games at Canasis!!! come join all the fun, there is euchre, checkers, dominoes, pinochle as well as Canasta. Come enjoy the 5 different games under Many More Games in Underdog room.

My Corkboard

Email me if you have any ideas for The Thousand Club, if you want to help in any way, being a tourney director to have more tourneys for players. All help will be appreciated.



Come Play Canasta, Dominos or Checkers, click on link below